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Surveillance & Investigation

Law enforcement surveillance & investigation equipment are necessary to inquisite any kind of wrongdoing or suspicious activity involved in a wide variety of criminal proceedings. Such types of appliances should be compact enough to be easily carried whilst maintaining maximum adequacy and data storage.

At HWCNY, we offer products, which are specially designed to help investigating officers deal with the crime scene or monitor any kind of suspicious activity.

These days, with the increasing terror activity, it has become mandatory for officers to keep an eye on every individual. The scanner are now a must-have equipment to monitor people entering into any public place say airport, shopping mall, administrative buildings and so on. We deal with trusted scanners such as Garrett Super Scanner, Garret Pinpoint Walk Through Scanner, Super Wand and Hand Held Metal Scanner to name a few.

Besides, we also deal with items such as templates to record traffic reports, burglary and crime scene reports as well. 

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