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Flashlights & Spotlights

One item, which one definitely needs for any emergency whether it's at home or workplace is a flashlight. The flashlights and spotlights are among the must-have supplies in the law enforcement department. These items are highly essential for people, specially who do night shifts.

We, at HWCNY, offer a great deal of flashlights and other related equipment such as chargers, head lamps, lenses, holders, wands, batteries and various kinds of vehicle lights as well. All featured items are highly essential for law enforcement officials and also other security personals, whose job demands them to be active in zero hours.

The ability to bring cutting-edge technology in a compact, revamped and highly powerful light source is finally at our store. The REDLINE™ is our brightest flashlight to date, ideal for police officers and offering 220 lumens of pure white light to be exact.

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