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Badge & Identification

Let them know who’s in charge with HWC’s complete line of badges and badge accessories for law enforcement officers, firefighters, medical technicians, security guards, private investigators and much, much more.

HWC deals with all sorts of items related to badge and identification. Be it law enforcement department or any private security agency, we offer a diverse range of metal badges to fulfill requirement of any occupation. We deal with items ranging from breast badge, security special officer badge, bail enforcement badge, black mourning badge, concealed weapons permit shield badge and any kind of customized badge. You can browse through our extensive catalog to check-out which suits better and appropriate.

Most of these badges are silver, gold or two-tone.

FYI: A badge is worn on the left chest, just above the shirt pocket. This heavy-duty metal emblem is worn by any law enforcement officer or security guards to make people identify profiles. It is usually fastened to uniform with attached vertical pin on back.
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